Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Here at Cleaner Carpets Coventry, our aim is to give every customer the best experience. As a family-run business, customer service is high on our list of priorities. It is just as important to us to ensure we clean your carpets to the highest possible standards.

Without frequent cleaning, carpets can quickly become dirty and flattened, appearing aged and listless. You can prolong the life of your carpets by vacuuming regularly, as grit and debris can quickly embed in the fibres, rubbing against each other – reducing the life of your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning is essential in maintaining your carpets look and feel. As professional carpet cleaners, we have 3 cleaning systems to choose from alongside many products. Our expertise ensures we utilise the correct machine and cleaner both for your carpet and each stain.

Why Not Do It Yourself? As Professional carpet cleaners, we hold industry recognised accreditations such as Trust Mark and hold NCCA membership – avoiding putting your carpet at risk of damage, through incorrect usage.

Machines that you can hire from a local supermarket can often work out expensive, hard work and time-consuming. After the initial hire, you also need to purchase the chemicals which can require different solutions for water or oil-based stains or general dirt and grime.

At Cleaner Carpets Coventry we ensure no sticky residue is left which would attract further dust and dirt more quickly, and are left feeling softer and looking brighter.