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Carpets can quickly become dirty and flattened, looking aged if they are not looked after. Regular and thorough vacuuming will help, as grit embedded in the fibres, rub against each other and will soon wear the fibres down.

 Professional carpet cleaning is essential in maintaining your carpets look. 

A professional carpet cleaner will have many products to choose from to ensure we are using the correct cleaner for your carpet. 

Why Not Do It Yourself? Professional carpet cleaners hold industry recognised accreditations such as Trust Mark and hold NCCA membership – avoiding putting your carpet at risk of damage.

Machines that you can hire from a local supermarket can work out expensive; after the initial hire, you then need to purchase the chemicals which can require different solutions for water/oil-based stains/dirt.

If you overwet the carpet and it begins to smell – you will need to rehire the machine once the carpet is dry along with a deodoriser to eliminate the odour.

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